H&M Homeware Haul!


So I thought I'd share with you my latest (admittedly not that recent) YouTube Video on my channel - Little Owl Loves

I've absolutely fallen in love with H&M's Homewares!

If your lucky enough to live in London I believe they have a homewares section in their shop but if you live anywhere else in the UK a visit to the H&M website and then to the HOME section is a must!

I bought around 70 pounds worth of stuff on this particular splurge but I could have bought so much more...

My favourite items were:

Pale pink and yellow plates
Cockatiel and Budgie print
£4.99 each
Perfect size for a slice of cake

The Marble Collection
Chopping board, Pot (which I use for makeup brushes), Bowl (which I use for jewellery) AND a Plate (Which I use to display my perfumes in)
£4.99-£8.99 each

And they're not from H&M but I just had to mention my evergrowing collection of Cacti's! When I see a huge variety in a garden centre I just can't stop myself from buying. I'm really digging indoor plants at the moment - they're just the easiest thing to keep as they don't require watering very much.

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