My Experience with Anxiety - Self Help, Techniques & Thoughts


Social anxiety, health anxiety, irrational panic attacks and emotional roller coasters.

...I've felt the disruptive effects of all these horrible experiences. So I wanted to share with you whatever wisdom I've gained from the times I've been 'ill' with anxiety, because I certainly do class it as an illness, it's something that draws off your body.

So I've conjured up a list of advice I'd give to others going through anything like I have -

1) Have faith

How you feel now won't last & if you take small steps, and I mean tiny ones, you can overcome it and change how you feel. Moods are temporary and don't last forever.

Also have faith in your body -

If you are like me and you overthink virtually everything to do with your body, have faith that you are young and fit and there's no reason to be worried about.

9 times out of 10 something we worry about isn't actually a real issue and we blow it up into something it isn't.

2) Have distractions

Make sure if you have a lot of spare time your filling it with things you want to do and accomplish.

Make lists. Plan ahead.

And most of all make sure whatever you're doing you enjoy it!

3) Give yourself a break

Don't drag yourself down and beat yourself up about feeling bad.

This will only make you feel worse!

Take a step back and say to yourself 'Okay, I'm not feeling my best right now but it's not my fault and I will improve soon'. Wear positivity like a protective shield.

4) You are young and adolescence and life as a young adult is never straightforward!

'If' you are young like me and going through a lot of changes your life - allow yourself to be affected by those changes. They can be challenging and difficult to deal with - life isn't a smooth ride and it has its ups and downs.

We have hormones jiggling around inside aswell as everything else to deal with. These sometimes become a bit unbalanced - especially if you are a girl. So things sometimes seem like bigger problems because of this.

5) Have a gratitude diary

Write down at the end of your day 10 things (no matter how small) that have made you smile that day.

For example, you had a hot chocolate that warmed you up, you had a really nice chat with a sales assistant, a stranger smiling at you in the street, the food you cooked for dinner. Seriously anything, no matter how insignificant it seems!

Inevitably noticing these small pleasures will make us happier in the long run.

6) Experience the moment, live in the present, not the past or future

This is one of my main thoughts when I'm worrying about something that's going to happen or dwelling on something in the past - Whatever has happened has happened and you can't change that.

There's really no point worrying about the future because as your thinking about the future, the present is passing you by and you're not appreciating it. What we do now is what forms our memories (and becomes the past) make sure you're making fond memories

7) Treat yourself

And finally... always make sure you are doing enough for yourself. It's not being selfish - it's called loving and caring for yourself. Even if it's some tiny treat yourself - like that coffee you've been thirsty for, take sometime to do that hobby you've been interested in taking up, give your body strength by exercising (therefore boosting feel good hormones as well!), write down things you are good at and things that make you YOU! Anything you can do that will make you feel a little bit more positive and confident is going to help you in the long run.

I'm planning on writing a lot more about my anxieties as I know if your reading this now it's good to know that you are not alone and others have gone through the same struggles. Sometimes I feel like I'm totally bonkers and noone else feels the same but I do a little goggle search or a friend opens up about how they've been feeling and I realise I'm just going through what hundreds of others are...

Please leave a little comment if this has been beneficial or helped you in any way 😊

Little Owl

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