Annual Christmas Illness. My old friend. How I've missed you!


Heck, I don't quite know why I'm doing a post about health but I've been bed bound for a few days and I thought it'd be good to get my thoughts down on paper, kind of.

Health = Everything
Wealth = Nothing

I really do believe that health is your biggest wealth.

Diary like extract / Note to self:
I've been poorly the past couple of weeks, a giant hideous cold sore sprung up out of nowhere so I knew I must be getting run down. Juggling three jobs I think has got to me a bit. I'm not used to the adult working life and within a week of each other I was offered two new jobs. So of course I took both, one of which gives me guaranteed hours and the other job I'd hope would lead to a more secure and permanent position.
Anyhow, back to the illness, I've been feeling pretty fatigued / spaced out / lightheaded / unable to concentrate for a while but thought I was just being my normal weird self haha. I ended up at the walk in two nights ago and found out I had a Urinal Tract Infection (which may have spread to my kidneys) a virus, impetigo (started by my blessed cold sore or herps as some like to call it) ;) and now I'm full of cold, I feel like I've swallowed two golf balls and a razorblade for good measure.

Note to all:
I think what I'm saying really is that if you feel something is wrong - try your best to nip it in the bud especially at this time of the year! Hoping these antibiotics kick in and I have a happy healthy body in time for Christmas and all of you do too!

I just wanted to put these thoughts out there too..

•Do you beat yourself up for not doing even though your too poorly too?

•Do you feel a massive wave of guilt even though there's no way you could go into work?

•Do you generally find it hard to rest and recuperate? And get frustrated at yourself?

I really wish I could give myself a break sometimes.

Off to curl up like little Cassie and forget about my commitments for a while
Little Owl

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