No7 Skincare Range Review


 Early Christmas Unwrapping

A little late I know but I wanted to share with you one of my favourite Christmas presents. My boyfriend gave me this beautiful set Pre Christmas as I was rather poorly and he said I deserved some pampering! I am a massive fan of No7 products - I use their foundation, makeup wipes, various mascaras and lipsticks daily. They're always my go to brand when I need an essential, I have never been disappointed with the quality of their products. So you can imagine I was very excited when I received this as a present. I have used their day and night cream in the past but at £25 a pot I haven't felt like I can afford it for a while. I feel like No7 products are very pure and the packaging is always polished and classy. I don't think they feel like they have to dress up their products too much. They speak for themselves very simply and elegantly.

Before unboxing

I love the pretty pink bow

Luxurious products perfect for bath time

Rekindling the magic of Dorothy's bright red sparkley shoes

Thoughts and ratings:

• Sumptuous Bath Milk - I just adored this but I've managed to almost get through the whole bottle in about 6 or 7 baths. I like a super bubbly bath so I felt like I had to use a lot to get the amount of bubbles I wanted. Overall though the event is lovely and light, you feel so fresh after being immersed in this stuff.


• Completely Quenched Body Milk - You apply this to your skin post bath. It's lovely, makes your skin feel silky soft. I don't like applying body butters and creams to my skin because I find them sticky and too heavy. I like something that is fast drying and lightweight. So this product suits me down to the ground.


• Blissful Body Wash - Exactly what it says on the bottle. Lightly fragranced like the other bathing/shower products. I'm less of a fan of body washes through, purely because the fragrance of the product doesn't linger as it is washed straight off. Obviously showering products are essential though, cleaning and cleansing.


• Cleansing Lotion - This is a product I've been buying for a long time. I generally like to use makeup wipes to remove my makeup but I'm aware it doesn't always penetrate the skin deep enough to remove all your makeup. So every so often I like to go back to the good old cotton wool pads and a good cleanser. This is a light, non oily feeling cleanser. Your skin feels fresh and exposed once again.


• Dry Skin Rescue - This has been a God send! My favourite product in the whole gift set. Purely because it has transformed the dry patches I normally get on my skin. I tend to get dry skin on the right side of my nose - I only notice it when I apply foundation there and it looks dry. If your looking for a product that WORKS and is a quick fix, this has to be the one!


• Intense Day Hand Cream - I've not used this much to be honest so it's hard to form a proper opinion on it. In the couple of times I've used it I've found it has been kind to my skin. I don't like the feel of most hand creams because they take a while to dry but this one seemed to dry in a few seconds.


• Protect & Perfect Intense Advance Day & Night Cream - I love these creams. They feel really soft and smooth on your skin. They do take a little rubbing in as they are white in colour. I use the day cream as a nice base before putting my makeup on in the morning.


• Lash Impact Intense Volume Control - Well the packaging is just delightful for a start. I've always been drawn to this product because of  its sparkley red glittery packaging. I've used it for the past month but I think I prefer the Extravagant Volume black mascara by No7. I find with the Extravagant Volume mascara I only have to apply it to my eyelashes about 3 times for it to be on thick enough. With the Volume Control mascara I find I am applying it for longer. Overall, it's still a great mascara though and adds great length to your lashes!


I hope you enjoyed my review! Let me know if you got the set of any of the skincare range and what you think to them :)

Little Owl

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