w7 In The Night Palette Review


Outer packaging - Tin

A look at the colours

Eyeshadow Swatching

A closer look at some of the eyeshadows
Overall, the palette is good for the price. I think I got this on offer at £4.99 online. I bought it amongst other things when I was purchasing expensive fragrances on fragrancedirect.com

I thought for the price I may aswell give it a go, but you can tell the quality difference straight away from the Naked palette which I own (Smoky). I made a comparison in my mind the first time I used it, maybe a little unfairly as price wise they were poles apart and therefore I couldn't have possibly expected the product to be on the same quality level. Naked Palettes feel solid and robust whereas this palette feels almost too light weight, and I fear if I dropped it I might damage it somewhat easier than the Naked Palette.

Pigmentation wise this palette doesn't compare to the Naked palette. I find I'm having to put a lot more on my eyes, building up multiple layers to get a strong colour. But the colours are nice!

I'm always drawn to golden tones and the first two blocks of eyeshadow blend in beautifully. I love the peachy light tone of the first eyeshadow - one you can use right up to your eyebrow to create a even coverage that smooths out your eyelid. Then I add the gold to the crease of my eye and they effortlessly work together. I've not tried many of the other colours yet, I feel much more experimentation is required for me to make the darker colours work as I'm not a Smoky eye kind of gal. I'm much more of a light golden eyeshadow fan!

Design - 6/10
Quality - 6/10
Colour palette - 7/10
Value for money - 7/10

Hope you enjoyed my review! Let me know if you've tried any of the w7 palettes and what you thought to them! :)

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