My successful shopping trip to the NYX store in Madrid

Items Purchased:
  • Vivid Brights Blue Liquid Liner
  • White Liquid Liner
  • XXL Mascara
  • Highlight & Contour Pro Palette
  • Pro Dual Fiber Powder Brush
  • Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Hypnotize & Showgirl

Firstly, I can't say how good the eyeliners are. The pigment, which lets face it can be the clinching element of a good eyeliner, is fabulous. The blue is a definite electric blue. I like to wear it a little toned down by wearing a line of black eyeliner next to it too. But if your feeling bold, the blue eyeliner is a great look! As for the white, the coverage is flawless too. I really can't fault the products. The thin brush helps the liquid glide on easily. Overall 8/10

Moving on to XXL Mascara, I wasn't overly impressed with this product, put it this way I've had much better mascaras. It's weird when you think about it, that a mascara only has one function but sometimes it doesn't get it right. This product doesnt feel particularly buildable - it does feel a little cloggy. But maybe I'm being harsh - at £6 or whatever it was, it was a complete bargain, so I can't expect it to be as good as one double the price. Overall 6/10

Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, now this my favourite buy of the bunch! I've used it so much within a month I will have to replace some of the powders soon! They blend seamlessly and really give you that glowing bronze look when you need it. Being British and mega pale, I don't use all the shades, it would look too unnatural but I only avoid 2 really out of the 8 so I'm hardly wasting any. Overall 9/10

As for the Pro Dual Fiber Powder Brush, I was recommended it by one of the ladies in store. It feels feathery and light and it's easy to get an even coverage of powder on the bristles. I'm finding that I stick with one of my real techniques or No7 brushes to apply the powder but blend with my NYX Brush. Overall 7/10

I have to say I'm really impressed with the hot singles eyeshadows. The pigment is better than I expected for the price. At around €3 each I couldn't resist. I will definitely be purchasing more from the range of NYX products they now have available in Boots countrywide. Having a Naked Palette by Urban Decay, I am always comparing products to it. These are the first eyeshadows I have that I would say could potentially be better but it depends what look you are going for. The NYX ones are bright, highly pigmented and bold so you don't need to put much on to create a full lid covering. Overall 9/10

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