My New Pink Zara Jacket


*Swoons* The jacket is finally mine!

After quite frankly, weeks of eyeing up this jacket I finally took the plunge and bought it.
Probably 90% of the female population own this jacket though!

Leeds wandering - found a pink wall to blend into

It's available in a light mustard yellow, a mid blue and this beautiful light pink tone.

I never thought I'd go for the pink, not a colour I usually wear but when I tried it on I just fell in love with it. Me and my boyfriend went to Madrid earlier in the year and I spotted them in the Zara over there. I tried on the blue, um and ah'd about it quite a bit and left it behind. I didn't think I'd be able to pull of the pink or the yellow but when I was feeling a little braver I tried the pink on and to my astonishment I preferred it to the blue jacket.

Probably our hottest day of the year so I didn't stay in it for long! Notice the scraggy hair.
The jacket in it's varying colours retails for £39.99. I really 100% think it's worth the money. It feels great quality to say it's not leather and it fits very well. The only thing is the arms are a little short but that's probably because I've got somewhat long arms to match my tall body!

They've actually just added a couple more colours to their collection of leathers. A much darker almost navy blue and a burgundy red one. They both retail at the slightly higher price of £49.99. I think both those colours are a great way of wearing a leather piece in winter without turning straight to a black piece. Having said that, I'm looking forward to wearing this in the coming months as it gets colder but want to still have a bright, happy wardrobe.

Hope you enjoyed my post! If you bought one of these lush jackets let me know in the comments and tell me what you pair it with!

I'm so excited to wear this, I feel like it will go with most things I own as I'm a bit of a monochromatic gal.

Little Owl Loves

Ps. Here's a link to the jacket online if you'd like to make a purchase

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