Super Stay - Super Yay! Maybelline, I'm a fan.



I don't think I've found a product I quite love like these little beauties. Exactly what they say on the tin, these lipsticks are super stay and the colour pigment just lasts and lasts.

'Rose Dusk' is a definite fave of mine! I also have (Top to Bottom) Ruby Rush, Infinite Coral, Hot Coral and Absolute Plum.

My mum wears these a lot and one day I asked to borrow one - I think it's Ruby Rush that I tried (it's a great coral tone). I was instantly a fan and went out and bought myself these four shades, I *only a little later* spotted Absolute Plum and thought I'd try that out. Although I wasn't sure of the shade, just because it's a little darker than what I'm used to.

How they ranked:

No.1 - 'Rose Dusk' definitely takes top spot! It's a nice darker pink. It compliments any makeup look hence why I've used it so much. Think I need to buy a replacement already after a couple of weeks of regular use.
No.2 - 'Ruby Rush' just gives you the ultimate colour pop, great with toned down makeup or a subtle gold eyeshadow look with a bronzed face.
No.3 - 'Hot Coral' - To me this is more of a raspberry tone. I wouldn't describe it as coral that's for sure, regardless I am a fan!
No.4 - 'Absolute Plum' I do like this but I don't think it's great for my skin tone (which is rather pale) unless you want to go for a slightly gothy look. I put it on and instantly my face looks paler, so I have to get quite a bit more bronzed.
No.5 - 'Infinite Coral' is just a little boring to be honest and the closest to my skin tone of all the ones I've tried. It's more orange toned which sometimes I like, the Ruby Rush was a winner, but this one is a lighter orange so I'm not super fussed. I like to have something that feels different in tone to my lips and skin and this blended a little too much.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post about my new favourite beauty buy!
I'll be posting a try on of all the shades soon,
Little Owl Loves

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