September Favourites


Okay so we're halfway through September, I know how did that happen? And I thought I'd get a bit ahead of the game by sharing with you some of my favourites so far this month. Admittedly, some of these items I bought in August but I've been a busy little bee and not had chance to do a favourites post for a while.

So first on the agenda, and it's been something I've lusted after for a while is this 'Moschino Fresh Couture' Eau de toilette. I had a good hunt around online and found it almost £20 less than Boots retail the 100ml bottle for. I remember seeing this a lot on holiday earlier in summer, it was a new product so it was being promoted everywhere. I was rather tempted to purchase it duty free on the flight home but having spent a substantial amount on holiday I gave it a miss and hoped I would get to buy it sometime soon in the future.

Moschino Fresh Couture - Eau de toilette 100ml
This was a spontaneous gift from my boyfriend who I just recently moved in with. He thought the packaging was as cool as I did. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with is the nozzle. It would be great if it sprayed out of nozzle but instead you have to take the lid off and spray from a tiny nozzle. Hey, nozzle is a funny word! - £49 / rrp £66

Moschino Fresh 100ml - Buy from Boots
Beauty Spin - 100ml on offer!

What a vibrant pair!
Sticking with the blue theme, I bought this Loreal Elvive Duo just the other day. I've always been a fan of their hair products and frequently use the Colour Protect (Red bottle) and the Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing products. I like to buy at 400ml bottles when they're on offer at £1.99 each as I use them daily so small bottles don't last me two minutes. To be honest, the sheer fabulousness of the bottles drew me to them but then I thought thickness is something my hair seriously lacks so they might be worth trying. Personally, I wasn't too impressed with the 'Extraordinary Clay' Shampoo & Conditioner as I had the exact hair type they deemed problematic that they were designed to sort out - Greasy roots & dry ends. After reading multiple articles, I can put down my greasy roots due to overwashing meaning your scalp creates more and more oils. I'm just not brave enough to leave my hair for a day or two! - £1.99 each / rrp £4 each

Having a Nexus 9 is pretty cool, the sound is pretty decent for when I'm getting ready and want something on in the background. But the main focus is 'Currents' by band Tame Impala, I am O Obsessed with this album! I haven't listened to an album for ages that I've enjoyed as much as this. Every song is a grower and I have so many favourite songs on the album. You may have heard songs such as 'The Less I Know The Better' and 'Let It Happen', they are arguably their most famous songs.

I'm currently loving
¬ The Moment
¬ Past Life
¬ Love/Paranoia
But The Less I Know The Better is still a firm favourite!

Now no one can deny a love for fluffy pyjamas
It's September and it's starting to feel a bit cooler (or it was until a day ago when we had a mad hot day again) so I picked up these super comfy pyjamas from Primark. You can't beat Primark for their extensive section of loungewear and affordability! These are so nice to cuddled up in on the sofa. I love the simplicity of the print, it makes me think of cold starry winter nights! - £8

I found this vinyl in a bargain bin at The Nichols Building. If you live in Sheffield and haven't been before I urge you to do so. A warehouse style building with an assortment of old fashioned goods like furniture, ornaments, clothing, taxidermy, vinyl, etc. Having recently worked 'The Glenn Miller Story' I was really digging his music and when my sister spotted this it was an instant 'bought' moment. Plus it was only a quid!

Getting organised - rad storage solutions
I'd seen these before in places like TKMaxx and on people's Instagrams etc and fancied one myself. They can be a tad expensive for a lump of plastic so I had a bit of a hunt around online and found this for £10 on Ebay. I love that everything has it's place and that you can see what the drawers contain because I have a tendency of putting makeup away and never seeing it again. As you can see No7 are a long standing brand I use in the lipstick department especially. - £10-30

Caps are a current fave for many, sad to say I've latched onto the trend too!
Bought myself the classic black New York Yankees cap from Topshop. I think it will be worn mostly when I wanna go out for a run and I'm having a bad hair day (which is everyday before I've washed it haha) - £13

Loreal Pure Clay Detox Mask. I personally hate spending money on face masks that you use once and dispose of so this really appealed to me. It was on offer at Boots for just £5 - rrp £7.99. It claims to have 10 masks worth within the glass jar but I'm sure I could make it last much longer as it says to just apply a thin layer. I have so far used it twice a week for two weeks. Your skin instantly feels refreshed and taught.

My growing choker collection
This is also a massive trend that I've embraced over summer. I love buying them especially from New Look as they have a great selection that don't cost you an arm and a leg! My current favourites are the light grey suede look one and the wide black lace one (both New Look buys). The one with the pink flower is from Topshop and the rest New Look. I think I love how wearable chokers are, you can literally pair them with anything, a jumper, a jumpsuit, a loud print blouse, anything!

Last but certainly not least...
I found this little beauty on a recent TKMaxx treasure hunt. I have the 'Olympea' fragrance by Paco Rabanne in Perfume and Body Lotion form so I thought why not get the shower gel to complete my set. Plus it smells pretty delish and I feel super posh using it. It was in the clearance section, with a fabulous red label on which said £8. What a bargain! I think it retails at roughly £25 normally.

I really hope you enjoyed my September Favourites post! It's certainly helped me reflect about where my monies gone haha! Although I seem to have featured the items that didn't cost me a lot but I am most happy with!

Processing through my recent clothing hauls and I'll soon be sharing with you my favourite fashion spends. Come back for more happy blogging soon!

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