Zara Handbag Lust List


Three handbags I'm obsessing over right now

City Bag with Fastening Detail
 This bag has been at the top of my list for a while. I spotted it in the Leeds store and quickly tried it on. I was in the midst of deciding what colour leather jacket I wanted so I put it back down. The store was also about to close which didn't help so I stopped myself. I do think I'm going to buy this whilst it's still online - as it doesn't appear to be in stock in Sheffield which is my local store.

It's a perfect blue tone. It has a suede like aesthetic and feels gorgeous. For £29.99 it isn't suede but it's a good dupe. It comes with a long strap, so you can wear it two ways which is nice! I'm really feeling blue this season - my house is slowly becoming more blue and I'm really digging blue accessories. I feel like it's the sorta shade you could wear with many colours and has a grey tone so it remains classic even though it's blue.

Next on the list...

I'm just in love with the shape!

Mini Geometric Crossbody Bag with Tassels

Now this bag is just cute all over! I love the attention to detail, the tassels either side of the bag, the chain that goes halfway up the strap, it's a perfect little accessory for dressing up a relaxed outfit. I did see this in Leeds too and after a very brief inspection I came to the conclusion you could only maybe fit a phone and a couple of makeup essentials in the bag, so it's a bag you can bob out with when you don't need to carry much (which is never for me, I'm guilty of carrying round the kitchen sink! Who's with me?) But I thought this would be handy for when your popping down to the local shops or meeting a friend for a drink, occasions when your only going to be out for a little while.

Last but certainly not least...

Outfit goals right there

Crossbody Bag with Metallic Closure
Now what's not to love about a bag with a beetle on? Especially when said beetle is a working clasp! I'm a sucker for things with animals on and I think bugs in metal on a bag look so classy. Of course, like most of us I don't like real life bugs but as a detail they're fab. This is a *maybe* on my list - purely because I feel like the bag may look a bit *primarky*, does that make sense? If it was leather then I'd love it more but apparently it's not. I think it's that tan colour which has been overdone a little. Anyway, who knows, I might make a purchase, I've gotta tip over the £50 mark for free delivery haha!

Hope you enjoyed this post my lovelies, let me know which you liked the most and if there's any others your currently lusting after! Zara have a good selection at the moment, I must grab them before they sell out!

Little Owl Loves

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  1. Every single one of those bags are so beautifullllll!!

  2. I love a good Zara bag. Can always rely on them to last forever and look so amazing and expensive. I couldn't pick out of the three you've chose, they are all so beautiful!

    Megan xxx

  3. Ooohhh...!!! Too many to choose from! Obvs you need them all!!!

  4. That little blue bag is now on my HIT LIST! So thank you for spending my money for me, he he!!!! Ps beautiful blog layout! Georgie - As You WIsh UK - (BLOGSQUADUK) xoxo