October Favourites (An early one because I'm so freaking excited for Autumn!)


I know we've not been in October for very long but I thought I'd get ahead of the game a little bit and share with you some of my most recent purchases.

And it's Blogtober after all so I'm going to aim to post something every Sunday so keep your peepers peeled!

So where do I start? Well the autumnal season is truly on it's way and I'm feeling very excited for the months ahead. Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, whats not to love? Not to mention my birthday in the middle of all of those celebrations too!

So here's a little halloween favourite that I have to admit I've already been using!

Halloween String Bat Lights from Home Bargains

The lights comprise of a string of 10 light up bats. They are battery operated which is a bit of a bummer, much prefer ones you plug in as I forget to buy the darn batteries for them!

I recently had a little housewarming and many polaroids were taken - just need to find a place for them all! I thought these bats illuminated them well.

Wise words Gemma Correll!

Amazingly I picked this up from Home Bargains too! I think it only cost me a couple of quid but on the back says RRP £4. I've just started a Masters in Art Psychotherapy so I was in need of some new stationery. I just love Gemma Correll's work and I can often be found browsing Oh Deer for illustrative goodies!

Next to it is my trusty 'One Line A Day' book which is also a firm favourite! I've had this book since February and try to write in it every day. Sometimes I have to admit, I have to back track and write the last 5 days worth of stuff from memory, I'm trying to get better at writing in it daily as that's the idea! I love the idea of having a book that is alongside you for 5 years, although at first I did find it a little daunting - what on earth am I going to write in it? And how weird it'll be year after year seeing what I was busy with the year previous, but I think I'm over that a little now. It's my sidekick where I can voice whatever the heck I like. *goes to first page ever to see what I wrote*

Tame Impala - Currents on Vinyl

After listening to this continually on my phone and tablet for probably the past month or so I decided to buy it on Vinyl. Vinyl is considerably more expensive than buying music in digital format or on a CD but I'm a sucker for what Vinyl looks and sounds like and the process of putting it on my Crosley player. If you haven't heard Tame Impala before, I really urge you to have a listen, I'm obsessed haha!

I've not made many beauty purchases over the past few weeks but I've been loving these Rimmel products. I'm normally one to go for a bronzed look but when I saw their new Sculpting Palette which included a neat little blusher, bronzer and highlighter I thought I just have to try this. Perfect for throwing in your makeup bag if you need to top up during the day as it's compact in size. It gives you a little glow and boost when you need it most. As you can see I also bought the 'Wake me up' concealer in Ivory, the consistency seems really good, it's easy to blend and gives great coverage.


I hope you enjoyed this post my lovelies! Let me know what your looking forward to about autumn and if your excited like I certainly am!

Little Owl Loves

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