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Hi everyone! So for those of you who don't follow me on such as Instagram (which I post a lot about him on) so are completely unaware of this, we finally found the cat for us and adopted him from the RSPCA in Sheffield!

Meet Kit Kat - the tail-less bunny boy that now resides with us!
Doesn't he look at home already? He's a beautiful grey/fawny colour tabby cat. I'm a huge lover of tabby cats so when I saw him I instantly fell in love. Of course it helped that he had an adorable temperament as well - that's the most important thing really!

We've had little Kit for about a month now and we've been advised to keep him in for about 6 weeks so he's not had chance to explore the neighbourhood yet. But his favourite spots are the windowsills round the house so I can tell he's super keen to get out there soon.

(If you'd like to know a little more about our adoption process then click on my YouTube video at the top of this post to hear more) - My YouTube Channel

Anyway, how comes he's tail-less I hear you say? Well, in truth none of us are sure. But he was living as a stray before going to the RSPCA so we're not sure of the exact circumstances. When he went to the RSPCA he had to have half of it amputated as it was severely infected and wasn't treatable. But I think it all adds to his charm, he's a little faulty but we love him for it!

He's a very affectionate boy. Infact, in the night is when he likes to be the most affectionate, I think he wakes us up on average about 4 times a night climbing on us and purring his head off! 'I'm just so happy to be with you guys' we imagine him saying haha!

Little Sun Worshipper!

His Nicknames so far:

  • Bunny Boy
  • Mucky Beans
  • Little Man

Anyway I realise this post is short and sweet but I do go through a lot more about the whole RSPCA adoption process on my video - so you can go take a look at that if you want to know more.

Hope you enjoyed this post and happy adopting! Remember there's so many loving cats out there that need a forever home!

Little Owl Loves

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