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Kenzo x H&M Jumper - £39.99
Zara Culottes - £19.99
White Low Converse - £39.99
Fishnet Socks (Ebay) - £2.49
Lipstick - Sleek
Every so often I put a combo on which is a little bit loud but works for me. I'm obsessed with my Kenzo x H&M collab jumper and teamed it with my bright red culottes from Zara. I must have been feeling bold. Culottes are perfect for knocking around the house in - much comfier than my usual super skinny jeans. This jumper has been a go to piece when it's cold enough to wear a sweatshirt, it's on the thick side so it's nice and warm. Perfect for spring when it's neither hot or cold but you don't fancy wearing a coat. I'm always so impressed with H&M's designer collaborations but everything in their recent collab with Kenzo was loud to say the least. So I played it rather safe with this dark navy jumper. They did this jumper in a bright orange - which I was tempted by but I didn't think I'd wear it as often to played it safe with this colour instead.

What pieces do you have in your wardrobe that you wear when your feeling brave? I'd love to hear about them.

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